Am I The Only One Who Is Disgusted By The 9/11 Tenth Anniversary Bullshit?

There will be no "I remember that day" 9.11 post from me. There will be no stories or exposes or discussion about that actual day -- because to me, picking those scabs does nothing to pay any sort of tribute and serves only to add to the chorus of "Oh, yes, I felt pain too!" that everyone with a blog or tumblr or news station or network seems to want to participate in. And that's fine for them, if that's what gets them through this day. 

It wouldn't help me at all. It'd feel self-aggrandizing and gross. My memory of that day will be shared with people who ask, in the proper setting, at the proper time, and likely over beers, because it was a shit fucking day and I don't like thinking about it. And I refuse to post about it here. 

What I will do, however, is call some people on some bullshit I'm seeing and am quite disgusted by. And I have to ask, honestly: Is there anyone else out there who finds the entire thing tasteless, crude and utterly over the top? 

I mean, come on! It was the single worst attack on our own soil by a foreign enemy ever. I still have to take off my shoes in unnecessarily long lines at airports every single time I fly due to the tragedy of that day. I have friends who lost family and loved ones in the towers. The image of those two buildings tumbling to the ground as I stood there in the break room of a job I hated will never, ever leave my mind.

So do we really need a week and a half worth of "tributes?" Because they're not. They're not remembrances or looks back or memorials. They're ratings bait. Link bait. Horrible shilling of a horrible tragedy for traffic, because it sells. It's the tenth anniversary of a horrible day, and the media feels we're primed and ready to accept a slew of programming and articles and exposes and features about it.

Some of us are, I suppose. Maybe most of us are. But for me, all I see is a cheap attempt to get eyeballs on screens because it's a plausible reason to evoke the memories of 9.11.01. I think that a single day of remembrances would be tasteful. Hell, start it at midnight and run it through midnight -- you know, on the ACTUAL ANNIVERSARY. To run programming all week... It just smells bad to me.

Maybe I am the only one. Maybe I'm being disrespectful to the memories of those whose lives were lost that day, and I'm disrespectful to the honor of the families who suffered losses that day, and I'm disrespectful of the violation we all suffered as citizens of this nation when it was attacked. Maybe I need to dedicate a week of posts to exploring this. And when I do, I will install ads -- I mean, why not? The television stations and websites and magazines covering the tenth anniversary of 9.11 aren't suspending their ads on those pages.

What then? Is that paying tribute properly? Or is it just cashing in because I know it'll get eyeballs looking this way?

I think, if you're going to memorialize a tragedy, you shouldn't profit from it. And you shouldn't gouge it. You should be respectful and pay tribute.

*   *   *

Update: A reader of mine, Matthew DeVries, said the following on the Google+ discussion of this post:
I'd have considered you rude and over sensitive.....until I saw The Golf Channel's produced a 9/11 special, spending 2 hours on how golf was affected and forever changed by 9/11. At that point I realized it hit disaster porn levels.

The. Mother. Fucking. Golf. Channel. I rest my case.