Possibly The Best Letter Ever (And It's Only Been A Week)

You guys are the best.

Ever since I made a call for handwritten letters a week ago, you guys have stepped up and sent so many great letters. I'm floored -- I've already gotten 15, and from what I see on the twitters and the facey books and google addition signs, there's more coming. Which is so very exciting.

I've only been through a few of them so far (and they're all fantastic -- one was written on a HUGE sheet of packing paper from an Ikea bed!) But the one I just opened a bit ago totally takes the cake. It's from Claire, who is from Oregon, and you only need to read the very beginning to know why it totally rocks:

(Can't see the image? Click here)

I was having a horrible day today. I read this and was instantly smiley. It absolutely warms my heart (and, honestly, blows me away) that a mother would read her daughter my blog and books. I think it's awesome.

I mean, she's a TERRIBLE mother for subjecting her kid to my stories, and I claim absolutely no responsibility for any future litigation that comes from her child becoming an utter hooligan like I was. There will be pyromania and vandalism in her future, with small doses of shoplifting. And all of it will be topped off with a healthy dose of smartass attitude.

But my heart? Warmed. Whomever you are, ma'am (the letter didn't say), I thank you for making my day.