My Schedule for Dragon*Con 2011

A short note to give you all my schedule for Dragon*Con 2011:

Art of Akira Talks and Exhibit:

Main Display in Artists Alley - Friday, Sunday, Monday

BT22 in Artist’s Alley - All 4 days (come say hi!)


Fri 1:00PM, Hanover F Room: The Art of Akira - Show & Tell

Sat 5:30PM, Courtland Room: Western Invasion of Anime!

Sat 7:00PM, Hanover CDE Room:  Akira Screening + Commentary + Film & Art Comparison (This one is going to be a RIOT. Bring a flask)


In addition, I'm moderating two talks Monday: One on tattoo culture with my artist Todo at 1:00PM, and one on "Life in a Collaborative Studio" with all the Studio Revolver guys at 4:00PM. That one should be HILARIOUS given that we're all going to be exhausted and don't want to be there.

Lastly, there is a Fark party at the 1st floor bar at the Hilton at 3:00PM Saturday. I'll be there for a bit, as will Drew Curtis and a few other web celebs.

Please check the DragonCon pocket guide for updates and changes!