If You're Reading This, You Already Know What It's About (I Redesigned My Blog!)

Keen-eyed blog readers noticed some downtime on the blog a few days ago. The reason: I fucked up and the blog went down. Easy, huh?

But the reason I fucked up was I was mid-way through a redesign of this blog, and accidentally published a change I didn't mean to publish, which tipped my hand -- CHANGES WERE AFOOT. And some of you figured it out. Ya'll some observant folk.

So, whatcha think? Wait -- first, are you even on my blog site right now, or are you reading this via RSS / Facebook Note / Livejournal? Well, if you're not there, go there now (but if you're here already, clicking that link is just going to bring you back here and you're going to feel silly. So don't click it. Of course, I'm putting this AFTER the link, which means it might be too late -- you might have missed it because you clicked it first without knowing what this whole line was about. In which case... Well, you're here now, and hopefully you didn't click it AGAIN, cause that's just going to put you in this insane infinite loop).

Now then -- whatcha think? It's a fresh new look, but without changing the overall feel. Sure, I could have gone and put some huge splash image in the background or spice things up with tons of icons and curved borders and whatever, but I hate that crap. Everyone does that on their blog. When you read me here, I'd rather you READ me here, not be marginally impressed by my choice of elements I copied and pasted from jQuery tutorials and free icon stock sites.

The major changes:

- MOBILE! This blog is now 100% iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Palm Pre and Blackberry (modern) friendly.
- New comment system. I've started using Disqus for commenting, which will unify all the linkbacks and comments and whatnot, and allow you guys to post comments as yourself using Facebook, Google and Twitter logins. It makes sharing less clunky (provided you want to share my crap) and allows for threaded comments, so discussions inside of discussions actually make sense now.
- MUCH better archive navigation. You can now dig through the ancient history of my silly nonsense in a much easier way.
- Better search -- been wondering where the hell to find that one article where I rip on (religion / politics / Big Bang Theory)? Now you can find it!
- Cleaner look. You guys know how I like clean looks. They're clean. What does clean mean? Whatever the fuck I want it to.