Fuck You, Baltimore! (Not Really, But I'm Coming This Weekend)

So, Jeremy and I, along with the Art of Akira Exhibit, are Baltimore-bound this weekend for Otakon! And it makes me think of this classic:

(can't see the video? Click here)

Outside of challenge pissing, we will be basically sitting around Baltimore. Because we're not from there, and don't really know much of what to do there. So we'll be looking for you locals to enterain us (and I'm looking at about 15 of you). Email me and let me know if you want to hang out and whatnots and whatever.

Now, I've done some business, so it's on to the fun. And the fun today? I'M NOT SURE. Because I haven't really been doing much in the way of fun lately. Mostly I've been working. And some of the work is fun, yes. But I can't talk about it just now, because it's SUPER SECRET.

But what's not SUPER SECRET is that the most wonderful Stephanie Buscema has agreed to do the cover to my new (and third and final Mentally Incontient) book! And it's going to be so wonderful and amazing! How do I know? Because it's Stephanie Freakin' Buscema, and she's amazing. Did you know I got a tattoo of a drawing she did for me? It's true. It's her take on Major Kusanagi. And it's pretty fab.

Speaking of, I've had to push back the date on the book a bit, which means I've had to push back the date on announcing it. But I can tell you that I'm shooting for the 2nd week in October for release, and the first of September for announcing it (I'll be "announcing" it at DragonCon, which will be met with a rousing "meh").  But you guys will hear about it first. Mostly cause I love you most.

Let's see... Hm. That's really it. There will be more to talk about in the coming weeks, but a lot of what I'm working on right now is in the "working on it right now" phase. There's nothing really to show or discuss, outside of the fact that it's happening. But hey, if you find that kind of status update interesting, by all means, read the next sentence:

I'm working on a lot of things.

And if you don't like that kind of status update, well... You knew what you were getting into when you read this. You have no one to blame but yourself.

Lastly, I look forward to letters! A lot of you have mentioned that you're going to send me letters. This is VERY exciting! And of course, it's going to mean a lot of "I'm sorry, seriously, your letter IS coming, I promise, I just got so behind on blah blah blah" excuses to people. But I'm going to try (TRY!) to not let that happen. I'm going to do my best to answer letters as they come in, instead of letting them stack up and become a Thing.