The Evolution Of A Workspace

So, as you know (or should know, if you read anything I've written the past month or so), I've been a member of Studio Revolver in Atlanta for a bit over a month now. And it's been a fantastic month. I've gotten quite a lot of work done, and learned a tremendous amount about the behind-the-scenes aspects of what goes into the process of making comics. I've been learning a good bit since befriending a bunch of comic book professionals the past year, but this month has been one of the most eye-opening in terms of finding out just what goes on. 

And what goes on? A lot of work. And by a lot, I mean a LOT. But it's also a lot of fun. I've been tasked by the great Jason Pearson (see his Facebook page and like it if you, you know... Like it) to write a script for a story this week (well, truth be told, last week -- but a lot of stuff came up, like me being a total fucking chicken and putting it off). It's been hard. I have tried my hand at writing comics before, and gave up before I even started. But he's not letting me stop. So, maybe there's a comic by me in your immediate future. 

But before I really got started, I had to move in. And if you read me on Facebook and Twitter, you got to see some pics of the evolution of the space I've taken up at Revolver. Here's a nice photo timeline:

This was the genesis. Before this space was deemed mine, I worked out of Casey Edwards's office. This space was comprised entirely of borrowed furniture. I only sat at my desk for an hour or so at a time, because folding chairs suck. 

Then, I added a few toys. Just a bit of panache. 

Finally, my month probation was up, and I was able to move in. This is my new Ikea L-desk and my incredible Alvin Workmate desk that I got for $75 on Craigslist, as well as a jug of tea that Tony Harris mistaked for a jug of urine. Because I'm prone to carry my own urine around in gallon containers all willy-nilly, I suppose. You can also see that I moved my partition out a bit to get some sunlight back there.

Finally got some art on the walls a few days ago. It was about time, I was sick of the bareness and starkness and whateverness. Dig the amazing Art of Akira prints on the left wall by amazing artists, from left to right: Tariq Hassan, John Tyler Christopher, Mark Brooks. On the facing wall is an original Akira poster from the Marvel / Epic run of the manga, and next to that, the original Major Kusanagi painting that the absolutely wonderful Stephanie Buscema did for me (that I also had tattooed on my right bicep)

And finally, the space as it is today (because this was taken today) -- the Wacom Cintiq and my Mac Pro finally move in. Now, I can work. And I did -- a lot. 

...But not nearly enough, honestly. I'm so far behind on stuff due to all the craziness from the last month and some days. But I'm catching up -- and that's part of why moving into Studio Revolver is such a wonderful thing. I'm in a place that's positive, with a strong talented support base who helps motivate me and pushes me along. And I get to help them as well. It's a big family. 

I'm pretty happy.