The Domino's Pizza Ninja Drawing Saga

If you don't follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ (and really, guys... You should be by now, I link to it enough, and it's probably the best use of 3 minutes a day you could possibly find -- I'm horribly entertaining... in that I'm horrible at being entertaining. But there's a certain schadenfreude in it all. You can laugh at my attempts and feel superior), you missed The Domino's Pizza Ninja Saga.

And what, pray tell, is this saga? Well, this video pretty much sums it right up:

(can't see the video? Click here and stuff)

For those of you who just can't stand the sound of my voice, or hate looking at my face, or just hate video in general (Really? You exist? What's wrong with you? Video is awesome, you freak), the story goes like this:

Mike and I got hungry, and a commercial for Domino's Pizza came on (while we were watching The Incredible Hulk [Ed Norton version] -- we figured we'd just add to the misery). So we ordered from them.

Now, before even trying this newly formulated pizza configuration, I have to compliment Domino's on one hell of a great website. The ordering interface is quite brilliant, and being able to "track" your pizza's progress as it goes from ingredients to baked to your door is great, as is the method by which you do this: The Pizza Tracker. And what's cool about it is that you can choose a Heavy Metal themed tracker, or a Cheerleader themed tracker, which periodically erupts in chants and yelling about what's going on with your pie.

Somewhere along the way, they ask you if you have any special instructions. So I wrote "Draw a ninja on the box, please."

Lo! And behold, they did:

I KNOW RIGHT?!? It's awesome!

But, there's a problem. If it were a REAL ninja, you'd never see it. Which is why I called Domino's and complained. Which is what that video up there is all about. Which is why you're sad now, because you're a weirdo who doesn't want to watch videos. Which is queer.

In other news, I'm actively trying to bring back "queer" as a term for "strange". Because I hate bigotry. I'm a PROGRESSIVE.