Recap: HeroesCon and the past few weeks

We just got back from HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC with the Art of Akira Exhibit -- it was extremely well received, and a few hundred people came through and saw the amazing production art from this amazing film. Here's some photos from the event:

Art of Akira under the gigantic HeroesCon 2011 banner
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The exhibit as it was set up, photographed by the world's worst photographer. Photo Credit: Joe Peacock
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This guy checks out some art
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By far my favorite cosplayers of the con, 3 dudes as the Powerpuff Girls. They made Stephanie Gladden's (Powerpuff Girls artist) day
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The amazing Chris Burns as the Red Skull
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Inside guestbook cover image by Die Wunderkind Chip Wallace
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Fantastic guestbook signature by the illustrious Buzz 
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My favorite sketch / signature by Dakota, a 10 year old boy whose favorite film in the world is Akira. He made the trip to Heroes with his family just to see my exhibit. There will be a full blog post about him soon. For now, enjoy this astoundingly well done version of Kaneda's bike
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So, beyond just the great time at the exhibit, it was a much-needed weekend filled with friends and comradery. Jeremy flew down to help with the exhibit, along with Mike, Shawn, Andrea, Katie and our friends Jeff and Melissa Oyler in Charlotte, SC, we basically had a weekend blowout the likes of which have never been seen. The exhibit went up and came down faster than any other time in history. So I've found the solution for our labor and set-up times: Invite nine people to every exhibit showing.

It was great to be around all my friends, both personally and in the comics industry. Everyone from Studio Revolver, Studio Gaijin and Jolly Roger were there, and it was a blast getting to just hang out and be a comic book nerd with all my artists friends. And Teenage Satan was extremely hyped and well-received -- Marsha Cooke and Stephanie Buscema were a pleasure hang around, as they always are. And Steph was the hit of HeroesCon, with a two-page spread in the program and tons of accolades for her brilliant art and style, which are VERY well deserved. She's the best. THE BEST, PEOPLE.

It was a very welcomed weekend getaway. As some of you have noted, there were some distressing messages a while back on Twitter and Facebook, and then a sudden lack of Joe for a few days. With all the stresses of everything I've been working on and stuff going on in life, a break was not only warranted, but utterly necessary. And I feel better now. Things are back headed the right direction, and having such a successful Art of Akira showing at Heroes was a big leap forward. Thanks for all the email, messages and outreach, it meant a lot. But I'm good now, and more focused than ever on doing good work.