On Safe Places

There's actually no such thing. There's no safe places.

There's only places you go to hide. And there's value in that. But never make the mistake of thinking that you have a truly safe place in this world, where you're protected from all evil and nefarious crap.

You must be strong. You must be stronger than that which affects you. You must persevere. When you go to write, you can go to a place where you feel safe... But don't think that that protects you from the effects of what you write, the memories it dredges, the feelings and the thoughts, and most of all the reactions of others. When you go to draw, it's the same thing. And especially in life -- there's no place truly safe.

You cannot turtle up. You cannot hide from life forever. You can trust no one and no place to be your safe place. You can go places you feel safe. You can be around people you feel safe around. But eventually, you WILL have to face things on your own. And when you do, you need to be strong.

I am not being cynical, I am being honest with you. And you need to know -- the world is tough. As my friend Casey says, "Life is hard, wear a helmet." Because you WILL take lumps. You will fall down. You will get hurt. You will collapse. And when you do, if you are lucky, there will be people there that will pick you up and dust you off.

But its your legs you stand up on. Get them sturdy and strong. You'll need them if you intend to get anywhere.