Monday Roundup(?): Art of Akira @ Thinkgeek (With Marian Call), Fark Crap, Book Crap and Crap

Maybe Mondays are a good time to do roundups. I don't know why this would be the case, except that today is Monday and I feel like doing a roundup. The only danger to making this a regular thing is that there may not be enough crap each week to justify a roundup. But this week there is. So that's why this is happening now. And shit.

*   *   *

First and foremost: This Friday (6.24.11), Art of Akira is doing a joint exhibit/show with Marian Call at ThinkGeek HQ in Fairfax, VA! Tickets have been sold out since pretty much the day the show was announced, but that doesn't mean you are completely out of luck -- we will be livestreaming the entire event on Thinkgeek.com -- so you can check that out if you can't be there in person.

You know what else you can do? Is order a print from the event! Not quite yet though -- soon! I'll post it when it's time (probably by Wednesday). The amazing John Tyler Christopher has lent his exceptional talent to do a one of a kind, this-show-only print featuring Marian in Kaneda's garb in front of the famous powerbike from Akira, with Timmy the Thinkgeek Monkey as Tetsuo! And because I love you guys, I'll give you a preview of it here -- this is the rough sketch of the final work. Shhhh, don't tell anyone I showed you:

In other news, John Tyler Christopher is my favorite working artist today. I love him. And if you're lucky, you can win this original pencil artwork -- more on that soon!

*   *   *

So, also, something I completely neglected to announce because I was gone and shit was the Fark redesign finally going live about 2 weeks ago. The reason I announce it now is that we're sifting through final bugs and whatnot, and if you've discovered something wacky, I need to hear it from you. So let me know.

*   *   *

Speaking of joining studios (did I mention joining studios? Oh well, horrible segue... I'm a fucking blogger and this is free, don't expect too much) did I tell you I joined Studio Revolver? Well I did. I'm still in my probationary period, but provided there isn't a huge uprising against me and I'm tossed on my ear, I'm now part of one of the premiere comic studios in Atlanta... And my workspace consists entirely of borrowed furniture:

My duties will be largely software based (website stuff, iPhone / iPad / Android apps, etc) for comic stuff, but I'm also learning quite a lot about the process of making comics. And, not to be premature or anything, but I'm finally -- FINALLY -- working on a comic. Like, actually working on it. It's wild.

*   *   *

And finally (FINALLY), the new book is almost ready to be announced. So, this is the This Is Not The New Book Announcement announcement. And in the This Is Not The New Book Announcement announcement, I announce that you cannot yet preorder the new book in dead tree form, but when you can (and you will be able to very very soon, like next week soon), you should -- because I'm limiting print runs to preorders ONLY for paper copies. There might be some spillover depending on how many I need to order to get the quantity break in price, but my plan is to keep the print run as low as possible -- meaning if you want a paper copy of my book, your ONLY CHANCE to get one will be the preorder.

But not to fear -- the new book and all subsequent books will be available on every single electronic reader imaginable for the low low price of WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT TO PAY. That's right -- pay one buck or twenty and you get the book in non-DRM PDF format. Simple as pie.

The logistics are still being worked out, but my plan is to make it so if you buy it in the Kindle or iBooks store, you will likely have a fixed price of $4.99 -- but if you buy it from those places, all you have to do is send me your receipt and I'll send you the DRM-less PDF as well.

Furthermore, like every book I write, it'll be free on Google Books.

Why do this? Because I want to. Welcome to Joe.

*   *   *

That's it. More absurdity and/or insightful blathering tomorrow.