It's Only Entertainment

Don't worry about me. I'm fine. I'm okay.
It's not anyone's fault, I set it up this way.
Happy? Pissed off? Sad? In dismay?
It's all part of the show. My soul's on display.

Because it's only entertainment! Laugh, it's okay!
Don't like what I write? Just wait another day.
There's a better than average chance you'll get what you need
I'm going to confess it all! Just read on, you'll see!

I'm here for your amusement, ripping pieces off of me
Throwing them down, pointing, screaming "HEY! LOOK AND SEE!"
Picking scabs in public, making myself bleed
Day after day, week after week

And it's all written down, posted, downloadable
Bound into a book, written and edited to be readable
Pain, misery, suffering; the deepest secrets in my soul
Post a comment, hate it, love it, whatever -- just let me know i'm likable

And all of this for $14.95! Isn't that wonderful!
And the beauty of it is, if you don't like it, your money's refundable.
It's only entertainment -- what does it matter if it hurts
As long as they get their daily fill, read over morning coffee in spurts

Barely considered, consumed in bursts
Easily dismissed or bookmarked or ignored or worse;
Read and misunderstood; rebuttals with many a curse
Without even attempting to even bother to understand it first.

Because it's only entertainment. I wouldn't write it otherwise
Most everyone sees right through this bullshit disguise
Externalizing validation, seeking love from you guys
Day after day, because I'm empty inside.

But don't worry about me, I'm still your guy
I'll make you laugh and smile and hate and cry
I'll keep digging deep, finding secrets to share
Opening myself to you and laying my soul bare

And maybe, I'll write something about which you'll care
And maybe, just maybe, we'll find common ground there.
I'm going to keep giving -- Who cares if it's fair?
I'm the one who chose what to write, and when to write it and where.

Don't worry, I'm fine. Je ne regrette rien, c'est bon.
It's only entertainment, and the show must go on.