Hitting the *Reset* Button

Sometimes, you just have to stop what you are doing, pause for a moment, and then hit the reset button.

These times rarely make themselves known. You have to figure it out as you go along in life. And here's the big secret; the exact moment when you need to do this: After you've fallen down really hard, gotten back up, dusted yourself off, and started going the exact same direction the exact same way again.

Not before you fall down. You need to fall down in life. You need skinned knees and elbows. You need scars. They're what make you unique and identifiable in a crowd. Sure they hurt, but you rarely know your'e alive when you're feeling good. There is no greater sense of clarity or awareness of the exact moment it is right now than when you are in pain. Pain makes you present. And while I don't think pain is something everyone (or anyone) needs to live with all the time, moments of it from time to time are like the stitching that holds fabric together. It pins you down to NOW and makes you aware you're alive as you trek forward in life.

And then you fall down, and it hurts, and you get back up. And the second you start trying to rollerskate down the gravel driveway again is when you need to stop, pause, analyze exactly what it is you're doing and how it got you where you are, and hit the reset button.

The other big secret? There actually IS a reset button. Your friends and family and people who judge you will try to make you believe there isn't... But you get to judge whether or not you choose to believe everything you've known about yourself up until now. And every time you stop something dangerous, reset and start doing something else instead, you're exercising that choice.

You're resetting. And it's a good thing.