A Recap Of The Past Week (Art of Akira + Fark Crap)

 I'm not a big fan of these sporadic "All In One" posts, but given the past week and the time it's taken and the grand swings in mood, time and effort, you'll just have to understand, this is the best I can do.

Art of Akira did a private show at Id Software (you know, the Doom guys) last Friday. Here's the photos from that:

(Can't see the slideshow above? Click here)

Then, we did an exhibit installation at Dallas ComicCon Saturday and Sunday, which went extremely well -- we had our own room on the 3rd floor of the exhibit hall, and even though it was not in the main lobby, we had over 500 people stop through and tour the exhibit. Here's the photos from THAT:

(Can't see the slideshow above? Click here)

We launched the Fark.com redesign beta to all users with an account last night. That's been a huge undertaking, and we're one week away from making it live to all users. If you have a Fark account, go log in and check it out -- click the "switch" link on the right to get the new redesign: