Random Rant: Military Rifle Spinning Is Fucking Stupid

I don't get it. I just plain fucking don't.

I respect the military and the men and women in it who serve our country. In fact, I routinely send free books to our military personnel serving overseas, along with the occasional bottle of "Listerine" Or "Snapple" (which is basically alcohol put in those bottles, dyed to look a lot like what used to be in them, so that our guys can nip a little between shifts.

But I just have to ask: what the hell is the point of rifle spinning? Seriously? Why is the pursuit of human perfection in a task reduced to twirling a baton that fires bullets? How does this activity help defend our nation:

(Can't see the video? Click here)

There is no doubt that the man in the video above is very, very good at spinning his rifle around. Around and around and around. He's adept, even. Skilled. Maybe even talented.

And it's a fucking useless talent. This shit brings nothing at all to the table, unless you're looking to deflect ping pong balls hurled at your person at medium to slow speeds. Even then... They're just ping pong balls. Just take the hit, you pansy.

I don't understand why my tax dollars go to fund this activity. I don't understand how this keeps us as a nation safe in any way whatsoever. On top of all of that, I don't understand how one even gets into this activity in the first place.

This shit is fucking STUPID.