Free Comic Book Day

Tomorrow (May 7) is Free Comic Book Day.

This is a day where you can walk into practically any comic book store and get a free comic book. Or several. Or lots. The intent -- to give fans and artists a chance to celebrate comics, and new people a chance to investigate comics.

If you've ever been curious about comics, the world of comics, why anyone should care about comics, where all these neat new movies (like Thor) come from, the art behind comics, etc. I encourage you to get to your local comic shop today and pick up a stack of free books. Or, even more, go buy some comics.

Some notable locations across the country that I'd like to highlight:

My good friend Doug's chain of stores, Downtown Comics in Indianapolis, IN does one hell of a great Free Comic Book Day shindig in each of his stores, especially the downtown store.

My buddy Tom Feister is at Dr. No's in Marietta, GA 12:00 - 1:30, signing his amazing covers on GI Joe and the new Terminator Vs. Robocop series. He'll be with Mark Bagley, Joseph Michael Linsner, and Brian Reed.

Georges Jeanty is signing Buffy books at Oxford Comics in Atlanta, GA from 8:00pm - 10:00pm. Get in there and tell him Joe sent you, and he'll look at you strange and go "wha?"

And then, I'll be hanging out with some nerds at Criminal Records tomorrow from about 2pm to 4pm, doing panels on building communities within comics and discussing Art of Akira (among other crap).