A Few Notes To Myself... (It's Back)

When I began the Notes To Self project, it wasn't a project. It was me fucking with Tumblr. I am not ashamed to admit that I just didn't fucking get why people were so into it. Sure, I subscribed to a few feeds, mostly because I like silly inspirational sites and really great photos.

But it grew on me, really really quickly. And I soon got to a point where I was loving sharing my notes every morning. It's been something I've done for myself since I was young -- just a quick jumpstart into the day. Dump the first thing out of your brain that isn't "MUST FOOD" or "MUST PEE" and get moving.

And then, I found that I was trying to come up with new stuff that wouldn't bore my "audience" and new ways to present them and soon, it was growing to be a collection of written and presented content more than it was a collection of the first things I say to myself in the morning. And like anything that loses its purity and honesty, the desire to do it -- not just post, but even write the notes -- faded.

It came at a time, like most things do, when I was exceptionally busy. I'd forget to do one, and then try to make it up by posting something clever, and then eventually I just threw up my hands and said "fuck it, it's done."

And this morning, I realized, apropos of nothing, that I really missed doing it. So I wrote myself a note and took a picutre of it and posted it. And I have a new mantra -- don't try to be original or pure, because trying instantly means you're not. If I feel like drawing a note, fine. If I have something that I feel is worth writing down and sharing but it needs some work, fine.

Back to basics. Back to doing what makes me happy with a thing.  So today, I've started posting there again. Yay for humanity; they get to be subjected to my dry erase board and Post-its again.

Here's a few that, now that I'm looking back on them, I actually found myself going "Hmm... I rather like this one" --