Art of Akira + Marian Call @ ThinkGeek HQ June 24!

It is official: ThinkGeek is hosting Marian Call + Art of Akira on June 24! It's going to be an explosion of geekiness that no one should miss out on!

From Thinkgeek's official blog:


So. One day we got this nice tweet from some guy about how our Akira-inspired catalog cover was really awesome. Turns out this guy is not only really nice, but he's amassed quite a collection of Akira cels and original production art from the movie.
So we get to tweeting about maybe him coming out here to ThinkGeek HQ and doing a show, and he mentions how it would be neat-o if singer-songwriter-awesome-show-giver Marian Call played the same day. Lo, she replied, and it was good: "How about late June?"
And so the Marian Call Outdoor Concert and Art of Akira Exhibit-Show-Geekoutcame to be scheduled for Friday, June 24th. Thank you, Twitter.
A little more on the main attractions:
Marian Call is lots of fun. We know because we've seen her at w00tstock and at a little show we held here at ThinkGeek last October. You can find her music at her archive, and she has a new album, Something Fierce, coming out this summer that you will have to buy. No, you will, trust us.
Joe Peacock is both owner and curator of Art of Akira Exhibit. He also happens to work for Fark.com and he writes books (both called Mentally Incontinent, with a third on the way) and does software for comic books (like Teenage Satan, which launches in September). If you are not familiar with Akira itself, get ye to Netflix.
Does this special kind of awesome appeal to you--and you live within acceptable meatspace margins? Here's what you need to know before purchasing tickets:
  • ThinkGeek HQ is located at 11216 Waples Mill Road in Fairfax, Virginia. There is ample parking.
  • Doors will open at 6:30pm, Marian will start playing in the outside courtyard around 7pm, and we should finish up by 10pm. The Art of Akira exhibit will be indoors throughout the show.
  • There is no rain date, and our courtyard only has a few seating options. You should bring a blanket or chair if standing or sitting on grass is not an option for you.
  • We're working on getting a food truck out here for the show; Stix is all but confirmed and has lots of affordable, tasty, silverware-less grilled meats andveggie options for the discriminating grazer. There won't be any alcohol on premises, and yes, Zaphod, that includes Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters.
  • Marian will post the ticket obtaining method in the coming week, and we'll link there as soon as tickets become available, and/or you can follow Marian onTwitter or Facebook for late-breaking news. All proceeds from the show will go towards her tour.
If you can't be here for reals, we are planning on Ustreaming the show so you can watch online--and win stuff! Please note we will not be able to provide a virtual Timmy handstamp, however.
So get excited! We can't wait to have Marian, Akira, and you guys out to our little slice of the 'verse.