That Stupid Penguin "Internal Sales Video" That I'm Forcing Myself To Not Be Embarrassed About

Hey, remember this? Some of you are in it.

(Can't see the video? click here)

I was going to delete it, but some very nice people told me it's actually neat and I should keep it. So instead of being embarrassed about it, I figure, fuck it. I'll post it. 

I did the same thing yesterday while in one of my little funks. I was feeling down about yesterday's debacle, and started questioning myself and the difference between "me" in my stories / journal / writing and "me" in life, and if I need to be such a dick, and blah de blah. So rather than whine, I tweeted "HEY EVERYONE I AM FEELING SORRY FOR MYSELF PUBLICALLY! PAY ATTENTION TO ME AND FIX IT". 

Boom. Instant diffusion. Just like posting this. Now I'm not embarrassed anymore. Blame Colette Bennett for my newfound confidence.