So, Let's Talk New Book Crap

It's getting time for me to start announcing all kinds of crap related to the new book I told you I was releasing soon.

Where I am now: About 70% of the way through laying it out. I've collected the stories, written the new content (!), talked to the artist about the cover (!!) and prepped the printer (!!!).

What I am stuck on: I know that I'm releasing this as a digital book -- Kindle, iBooks, ePub, so on and so forth (PDF and Google Books as well, for those who can't afford to buy anything -- but you will need to trade me your email address :) ).I have been told by many of you that you want a dead-tree / paper book made available, so that's definitely happening -- there will be paperback copies. They will be available through Amazon and at your local bookstore (just like my first self-published book).

 What I'm wondering is if I should do a limited edition hardcover again or not, and if there should be a book tour.  So that's what I'm pinging you about.

You know the drill -- comments, Facebook comments, Tweet me, email me, whatever. Tell me what you think. Would you preorder a hardcover this time around? If so, how much do you think is fair?

Relevant information: The book's total pagecount is sitting near 280 right now. With my first book, the self-published one, I did a limited edition Hardcover for preorders only, and nearly 4000 were ordered in just a few weeks. It was HELL to ship out, but I'm willing to do it again for people who want them.

Hardcovers can ONLY be obtained through preorder. The last time, the price was $24.95. Since that time, costs to print have gone up slightly, but I want to gauge your interest before I make any final decisions on price.

I'm also considering a limited edition print of the cover along with the preorders. Trust me when I tell you, this cover is SWEET.

So, thoughts?