I Present To You... The Wolf Knife

So, there's this "present" that I got back in 10th grade. It was from an uncle I didn't even really know, but he wanted to make this grand gesture and give me a "coming of age" present or whatever. So, for Christmas when I was 15, I got a package in the mail which contained the single most incredible item I've ever received in my entire life: The Wolf Knife.

Now, this knife was far too epic to be wielded or kept by only one person. And it was obvious that my uncle I didn't even really know wanted this to mean a tremendous amount to me, so I did the right thing.

I immediately regifted it to my friend Mike, who proceeded to almost knock himself out laughing.

It became a tradition every Christmas for a few years to swap it back and forth. When we moved in together, we would randomly take turns hiding it in each others' rooms in various places. Sometimes, there were entire months where The Wolf Knife would go unfound, only to spring upon the new owner during a visit to a box full of old comics or in a drawer with the church socks no one ever wears and keeps in a separate drawer from their real socks.

When I moved out of his place and bought my own house in 2001, I ceremoniously gifted the knife to him during our going away party, and bid him keep it until such a day he could find a qualified owner. And he swore that he would. And after that day, I never saw the Wolf Knife again.

Fast-forward to today, when I was going through a box of books to ship to people. And there, in its wooden case with a picture of the Three Wolf Moon -- and I kid you not, that's original from the box when I received it in December of 1992 -- I found The Wolf Knife. He hid it there a while ago and has been waiting patiently for me to find it.

And now I share it with you. I hope you enjoy.