Hey, Remember FarkTV?

Some of you remember way back in the day when I was working on a show for Turner called FarkTV. I actually wrote and produced the first season. It wasn't a very good show. In fact, it was pretty fucking awful. But there were some good moments. In fact, there were some pretty goddamn great moments if I'm being honest.

Here's a few I remember fondly. You can see when I was still quite the fatass. I'm quite a lot more awesomer now... Well, at least, I have fewer chins.

Crooks (2nd episode) -- the idea was what if "COPS" was done from the crooks' point of view, where they're doing high concept crime and end up staging stupid crimes to cop to to get out of big jail time. GENIUS RIGHT (My first time working with Chris Burns)

(can't see the video? click here)

Sniper Joe (from our pilot season - one week long) -- true story, cops try to use loud music to get protestors at a school for the deaf to leave the building.

(Can't see the video? click here)

Black Bear Rage -- If you can't find the allusions in this one, you're dumb, frankly. I was the main bear. 

(Can't see the video? click here)

DogVinci Door (This was the last one I wrote and produced before I left, and I'm still happy with the way it came out). You may recognize Chris Burns from the utterly amazing Avengers Assemble! 

(Can't see the video? click here)

You'll notice I play a cop. A lot. That's because I'm not an actor. Not even slightly. And I looked like a fat cop with a flatop when I had my flattop.

I only bring it up because today, while doing absolutely nothing at all related to Fark, TV or anything else, I serendipitously ran into Ben Morgan, the director of the show. Ben and I had a falling out (exacerbated quite heavily by a manipulative person who worked us against each other at every turn -- a complete and utter sociopath. If you have been wondering who the "other" one was... Well, he's in 3 videos up there). We didn't talk for years. It was a really, really bad falling out.

Today, we saw each other, and within a second we were hugging and making amends. We have both changed. You know how I've changed because you've been following along in my blog -- I got in shape for football, I experienced some really great successes and some extremely low lows.

What's strange is that Ben went through something similar, and how we learned - individually, but at the same time - that the vast majority of our issues between each other (which stemmed from being extremely similar) were being worked against us by the third party. And we were able to admit that we've both matured quite a lot, learned so much since then, and written people like him out of our lives.

The details remain between us. What you should know: some unfinished business got finished, and amends were made. And it's a very good thing. And I can now, four years later, admit that I even miss parts of it.

I learned more about myself -- mostly who I am NOT -- through FarkTV. And while at the time it was painful and there was quite a bit of money lost, I'll go on record as saying it was one of the most formidable experiences of my adult life.