My Book Is $1.30 On Amazon Right Now. Help Me Screw Up The Ranks!

You smell nice today, did you change your shampoo?

Anyway, for whatever reason, the paper edition of my 2nd book dropped mysteriously to $1.30 on Amazon.com today. I want to use this opportunity to march a year-and-a-half old book back up the humor rankings.

Also, I totally love your hair like that.

If you'd like to help me, buy a copy of the book. I'll refund your purchase price if you already have a copy or don't want it, but really, I hate my own writing and even I admit it's worth reading for the cost of a tall Starbucks coffee. Also, post this sucker all over your Facebook and Twitter and Foursquare and Quora and whatever you kids are doing these days.

I love your face in the morning.

If you decide to keep it and want it autographed, send it to me and I'll not only autograph it, i'll draw something silly in the cover. You gotta pay for postage tho, so stick a couple of stamps in the envelope when you mail it. Of course, if you don't want to, you can still read the entire thing (and all the other stories that didn't make it) for free on the book's site.

You're my favorite.

(NOTE: This is NOT the Kindle version. That version is $13. Don't buy that one. Unless, of course, you want to.)

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#2 in Bargain Books, near the top 1000 overall:

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Check it out, we're near #2k overall rank, #8 in bargain books and #24 in Humor!