Fine, I'll React To The Arizona Tragedy

I've been asked a bit why I haven't posted anything about the Arizona tragedy.

Because it's not relevant to this blog, that's why. But hey, Dooce posted this whole thing about "dialogue" and mental illness and basically decided to take the coward's way out in regards to the Arizona shootings. She's taking a stand in her blog... Or rather, failing to quite spectacularly. I love Heather lots and lots, she gave me some really great advice when I was being courted by publishers for my 2nd book. But her post about Arizona is a little weak, honestly.

So I'm going to go the other way. I want to be among the first to encourage everyone to take back sanity in this nation by using Second Amendment justice on people who think Second Amendment justice is a justifiable answer to poltical discource. That's right: I want you to shoot Sarah Palin.

In the face. With a firearm. So that she dies.

I actively encourage this. I want you to do it. Please. Someone shoot her.

Shoot Glenn Beck too. Please.

In fact if I could rap, I'd write a song about going and gunning down every figure on the extremist right that disagrees with me! But luckily, someone already has. It's a group I'm a HUGE fan of and have loved for years. It's Public Enemy, and they did it in 1991 in By The Time I Get To Arizona:

(Can't see the video? click here)

So, am I serious? Do I need to tone it back? Should I be held accountable if someone takes it upon themselves to go and shoot Sarah Palin in the face with a firearm and she dies?

Does it matter? Haven't we gotten to the point in this nation where there's no such thing as civil discource? Aren't we all at the point of reaction instead of action? I think we are. I think we're a nation of people with megaphones, all looking to drown out every other voice with our own. It doesn't matter the opinion anymore. It's just how hard it can be driven into your skull... How loudly.

Guys, in 1991, Public Enemy released the video I linked above, which depicted them gunning down the governor of the state of Arizona because they voted down the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday. It was a HUGE FUCKING DEAL. It was banned on MTV after only one aring. My father refused to let me watch it.

What if a black extremist had actually done this back then? What would have happened?

What if it was released today and a black extremist went and gunned down an Arizona politician?

Would Chuck D respond? Would he try to avoid the topic and scrub YouTube of every instance of the video? Would he try to explain that the video actually was depicting paintball guns and the idea wasn't to kill, it was to make white people more colorful (or some other bullshit excuse, akin to the "surveyors mark" thing by Palin)?

These questions aren't rethorical. They're actually VERY important. I don't know if I have any answers, honestly. I think if a black person gunned down the governor of Arizona around the time of the release of this video, Public Enemy would be villified by the right, and First Amendment protectors and music fans would be going absolutely apeshit over artistic espression and freedom of speech and metaphor.

Much like what's happening as the left goes nuts over Palin and Beck and the right's extremist suggestions for politicial revolt. But there's one thing that's absolutely inescapable -- it's gotten to the point where it's just way, way, way, way, WAY too much.

It's sickening and disgusting. And yes, I blame the vitrol and venom for the tragedy in Arizona... But not solely Sarah Palin's surveyor's map or Glenn Beck's Second Amendment justice or any of PETA's animal liberators or anyone else who has gone all fucking wacko with a particular opinion.

It's the climate. They help cause it. And so do we. We participate. And when we don't participate, we allow.

The First Amendment is a fantastic thing, folks. It allows us the freedom to say what we want. But the point was never to get attention or outshout everyone else with that right. It was to convey important ideas. It was to share concepts without the fear of a tyrranic state clamping down on discussion regarding a tyrranic state.

And now, we've gotten to the point where people are actively going to the polls and voting for people who abuse this and actively participate.

I don't know what to do about it, so I just decided that if I can't beat them, I'll join them. So yes, shoot Sarah Palin in the face because I disagree with her. Kill Glenn Beck because you have both the right to bare arms and the right to disagree with him. In fact, kill everyone you disagree with or I disagree with or anyone disagrees with. That's a surefire way to solve the issue; just fucking kill everyone.

Right, left, conservative, liberal, Obama, Palin, Pelosi, Beck... This is what we're all up in arms over? How about we all just breathe for a second and realize that we've been whipped into a frenzy not because our leaders want us to care, but because they want us to stop caring and start reacting. All day long, reaction after reaction. No time to think. No time to consider things.


 Or, maybe, we should all chill the fuck out and assess what the hell it is we're fighting for anymore. Maybe respond instead of reacting all the time.

...Or, just kill them all. Let God sort them out.