Year End RoundUp Crap

So 2010 is nearly done. I have to say, I'll miss it.

2010 was fantastic for me, and not just because 2009 ended so blah for me. I really enjoyed this year. I got to do some really neat stuff, like travel the world and talk about Akira. And I got to make that Scott Pilgrim game for Fark and NBC Universal. But far and away the best thing to come out of 2010 was drawing again.

I mentioned previously how much drawing used to mean to me, and that I stopped, and that it's been 11 years or so since I actually drew a thing. Thanks to you guys and your generosity during that silly sale thing I did, I got really inspired to try and do some cool stuff for you, and it was like a dam burst wide open. In my ears over and over was echoing a thing Ed Piskor (he did American Splendor and Wizzywig -- which is AMAZING, and you should buy it right the fuck now) told me once.

We were talking about our mutual love of comics and I lamented not having any talent and was generally dragging myself through the mud, and he just said "Dude, it's for the love of doing it. You love doing it, and everything else just goes right."

Never were truer words spoken. So, to keep that love alive, I'm now permanently offering sketches for commission. And you can pay whatever you want (more on that in a sec).

Anyway, I realize it's been a few days since I linked any of my drawings for you, so here's the latest batch:

I did this Eiffel Tower for Andrea for Christmas. It's from a photo from our trip to Paris in 2004:

It's the biggest thing I've drawn since I started drawing again, 11x14, marker on Bristol.

And here's Link from Legend of Zelda for Linda's kid, 6x6, marker on bristol:

And this is Christine Clauder (AKA KCBlueGal from Fark), as Ego Girl, 8.5x11, marker on bristol:

Lastly is the Yellow Toad from Super Mario Bros. Wii falling into a pit after Yoshi dumped is ass. It's funny, because it's for my friend Katie, who always picks the yellow Toad and then dumps Yoshi in pits just to save her own butt:

It's a christmas present she's getting on New Years Eve, so don't tell her okay?

And if you want a sketch, I'm still doing them, but it's a by-request thing now -- And you can pay what you want

Anything from 0.01 to a billion dollars. It's up to you. Just tell me what you want, send me reference (if needed), and pay me. I need at LEAST stamp money if you want it mailed to you. If you're a smartass and just send me a penny, that's fine, I'll email you the pic. 

Obviously, the more you contribute, the better it's going to be. To give you an idea, even though I was only charging $3, Christine paid $75, which is why hers is so big and pretty and colory. The better ones were because the buyer was generous and "tipped". But I'm not going to just suck at it because you didn't cough up dough, the point here is to draw and have fun and get you something you want.