Why I'm Whoring Myself Out For Your Money

Today is day three of the Autographed Books And Also Will Anyone Ever Be Silly Enough To Actually Pay Money For Joe's Stupid Notebooks Or Hang Out With Him sale for Christmas. And what's funny is, only a few people have asked "Why are you suddenly doing this? Is it for charity?"

If by "charity" you mean "my pocket because I want your money" -- you're partially right. But it's not just so I can spend your money on goods for myself. I'm raising dough for a new project.

So, remember the other day when I asked the interwebs what you guys thought about an iPad/iPhone book format? Well, a lot of you commented and emailed saying yes, in fact, you'd love something like that. In fact, I counted only 7 detractors out of 110 respondants (which, by the way, is always intriguing to me, the fact that people email me in response to the stuff I post much more than pubically comment. But I think it speaks more to our relationship, that people are comfortable with one-on-one correspondence with me. At least, I like to think that we're all friends and I can crash on your couch one day.)

Well, that project is farther along than I thought, even though I was the one asking. I have had this vision of a new form of book / periodical -- something that I haven't ever really seen before. A novel, where art supports the story. But it's not a comic book, and it's not a magazine. It's something entirely new and different. You subscribe to the book as it's being written, and you get X number of chapters per month (right now, the prevailing throughput in my brain is $1.99 a month for 3 - 4 chapters -- if I get to writing and realize I can only put out 2 chapters a month, the price should go down).

I've talked with a few illustrator friends of mine, and they're game. These are guys you've heard of, if nowhere else, on my Twitter and Facebook feeds. But if you're into comic books at all, you know them. (I won't say right now who, because I don't want to pubically attach someone to a project that isn't officially underway. But I think you guys know me well enough that, if I'm talking about it, it's a thing).

At the end of it, you have a digitally delivered completed book that, in a perfect world, you paid slightly more in total for than you would have if you bought it off the shelf -- and you also have, along with it, a very unique, artist-driven experience to read that book in, done by professional illustrators. Each chapter would have a "cover" per se -- a full page illustration that supports the story elements within.

The subscription would be renewable based on how you feel like proceeding. If you liked the book, you can subscribe to the next one once it starts. If you come into the book halfway, you can buy the previous chapters for X amount to catch up. Once it's all done, you could buy a print copy of the book if you'd like. But in the end, what you're doing is helping support a writer and an illustrator as they produce content for you each month, and funding the development of the content delivery engine. And if it works? More books that look better as time goes on. And if it doesn't? Well, you got stuff for your money, at least.

As far as platform goes, I've been thinking more and more about that -- I need to explore more how I want the delivery for this to work, but I see no reason why it can't be available on the web through a browser as well as on iPad/iPhone/Android/Windows Mobile 7 devices (sorry Blackberry and older Win devices, I just can't see my way clear to dealing with you. I developed apps for these devices in a former life, and it was a nightmare).

And rather than start a Kickstarter project for it (or, possibly, in conjunction -- still thinking it through), I thought I'd offer up the stuff I already have for sale, in addition to a few rarities and -- as stupid as they are -- more high-dollar items / experiences, just because. In reality, I absolutely do not expect someone to pay $1500 bucks to hang out with me, or $10,000 for a truck that has very publically been stolen, ripped apart, returned, and then banged into not one but two SUVs in the past year.

But if someone wanted to buy it? Fuck yeah, I'm going to let them. And what's very, VERY interesting is that there are apparently some people who are seriously interested in things like the journal the stalker stole in 1998, and the sales proof copy from Penguin of my 2nd book. I am absolutely most surprised at this.

Anyway, that's where I'm going with this.

Quick links if you're interested in this crap -- click the link to buy:

Hand-drawn sketch / drawing of something from Akira, Ghost in the Shell, or All's Quiet On The Western Front, done in color marker, probably horribly but I'll try my best, on 6" x 6" square Bristol board$3 -- Limited to 20 50  -- 21 left. Yes, I've had to do 29 sketches. My wrist hurts.

Autographed copy of Mentally Incontinent - That time I set A Hooters On Fire... (the 2nd book) with stickfigure singing the lyrics to whatever song happens to be on at the moment in the inside cover: $15 -- Limited to 50  -- 16 left

Autographed paperback of Mentally Incontinent (The first book, out of print) with sketch of Christmas tree / Menorah / Whatever-They-Do-For-Kwanza on the inside cover, your choice: $40 -- Limited to 10 -- 3 left

The insane stuff, like an actual journal of mine or a hand-written novel specifically for you, can be found here