Want A Christmas Card?

Those of you who know about my whole postcard thing when I travel will be delighted to jump on this: If you want a Christmas card from yours truly, email me with your address and the subject "FUCK YEAH I WANT A CARD COMMEMORATING THE FAKE DAY OF JESUS'S BIRTH" (or, simply "Christmas card") and ye shall receive.

Special deal: Anyone who buys anything in the Super Insane Retarded Why The Hell Is He Doing This Joe Peacock sale I posted yesterday gets a Christmas card that's better than the ones I'm sending for free. Call it a Super Deluxe Christmas Card. I added a few things since yesterday, namely hand-drawn sketches for $3, one AND ONLY ONE sales preview copy of the 2nd book from Penguin,  and a private Art of Akira showing for you and your friends (or company). And if you buy the custom novel, I'll send you a case of Christmas cards which play music.

So, if you want to show me you love me through consumer greed and help finance my insanity, feel free to buy a thing or three. Or don't, and get free crap. I don't care.

(If you already bought something, you'll get your card automagically -- but it'll come separate, as I shipped your crap yesterday and am buying cards today. So. )

You have 24 hours. The cutoff is 12 noon tomorrow EST (December 9).

And those of you who have yet to get your Edinburgh, UK postcard: They're sitting on my desk. I got about half mailed out before I came home, and have been horribly lazy since. Sorry about the delay, they'll go out this week (when I mail out Christmas cards). It'll have a US postmark on it, but it was purchased (for wayyyyyyyyyy too much compared to American postcards) in Edinburgh. So it still counts.

Oh, and if you're looking for cheap, awesome gifts for your loved ones for Xmas: consider Zach Weiner's new graphic novel Captain Stupendous. It's so wonderful I can't even think of hyperbolic compliments for it. And there's always my book for way cheaper than I'm selling it for, only not autographed and without a cool sketch. But hey, it's still an alternative.

But if you REALLY want to impress them, buy the custom novel starring them. Or me hanging out with them all day and annoying them. OR MY TRUCK. Because I am a whore.