Screwing With Facebook's New Profile Template

Just thought I'd screw with my profile on the new Facebook profile template a bit:

Want to do it yourself? The steps are simple:

1) Download my Photoshop facebook template thinger
2) Place your final photo under the cut-up layer
3) slice your photo via the guides in the file
4) Upload to Facebook as an album
5) Tag the photos with your name in order, from right to left, 1-5
6) Tell your friends!

Update: EVEN EASIER! A guy on Reddit (named I_Am_A_Redditor) made this tool to automate it! How easy! He says he doesn't store pics, and I'm not sure why he'd even want to. Still, if you're privacy-paranoid, maybe don't use it.

(Edit: Thanks, Anonymous, for pointing out the typo -- it's 1-5, not 1-6. First they hack Gawker, then they help me out, is there anything Anon can't do?)