Pay What You Want For A Drawing By Joe!

So, the silly $3 sketch sale for Christmas went really well. I offered to you guys at 1PM the day they went on sale and limited it to 20, and sold out in 3 hours. Then I upped it to 50 and sold out again in 3 days.

I have no idea why, but you seem to like my stupid drawings. So, from now on, you can get one anytime you want, and you can pay whatever you want for it.

Naturally, the more you pay, the better it's going to be. But I'm not going to stiff you just because you can't afford to pay a lot. I'll put my best into whatever it is you ask me to do. But don't expect an Eiffel Tower for $3. And to answer a question a lot of people keep asking: I've had donations from $3 all the way to $300. There is no customary amount. You pay what you want.

Facebook gallery of sketches I've done (and one on Flickr too).

Some of peoples' favorites so far:

Kaneda firing his laser:

6x4 Eiffel Tower in watercolor (brush):

I did this Eiffel Tower for Andrea for Christmas. It's from a photo from our trip to Paris in 2004:

It's the biggest thing I've drawn since I started drawing again, 11x14, marker on Bristol.

And here's Link from Legend of Zelda for Linda's kid, 6x6, marker on bristol:

And this is Christine Clauder (AKA KCBlueGal from Fark), as Ego Girl, 8.5x11, marker on bristol:

Lastly is the Yellow Toad from Super Mario Bros. Wii falling into a pit after Yoshi dumped is ass. It's funny, because it's for my friend Katie, who always picks the yellow Toad and then dumps Yoshi in pits just to save her own butt:

Snake Eyes, for Mike, 6x6, marker on Bristol:

What the hell are you waiting for? Get yours now!