New Book: Not Spilling ALL The Beans Yet, But...


I just got off the phone with [an as yet named publisher, but it's not Penguin and it's someone you've probably heard of], AND:

...IF the rights can be worked out...

AND IF the timing works out (i.e. I work my ass off)...

...There is a good possibility (that could very well be a probability, but for now I'll call it a possiblity) that there might be an official totally beautiful hardcover full-color glossy Art of Akira book in the near future.

...I KNOW RIGHT!?! You see all those balls there? No, not there, over THERE -- YES. Those balls. I just tripped them.

More soon. Don't tell anyone.

(And no, this is not the iPad thingy I was talking about yesterday, that's something else.)