Christmas with GWAR, and Screaming Children

Hi, society, are you there? It's me, Joe.

Listen, I have a problem with you. You're way, way, way, way, way, way, WAY too passive on kids these days. What's that? I don't have a kid? You're right. So how do I know? Because I know a ton of people who have kids or are aunts and uncles, and they act like the kids in their proximity are made of eggshells.

Case in point: This amazing video of GWAR going door-to-door singing Christmas carols and generally being Gwar is awesome, right?

(Can't see the video? Click here!)

Well, in the middle of it, GWAR holds a kid and the kid begins crying. The whole scene takes less than 3 seconds. And one of my friends, Jeremy, got all pouty about how horrible the parents' of that kid must be to let GWAR hold him while he cries.

Shut. The. FUCK. Up.

It's not like they're beating the kid. They're not harming it any way. It's just a baby, on video, for 3 seconds, crying while Gwar hold it. The kid is scared a little, of something that's ultimately harmless. And his parent is not an asshole. It's GWAR! They're awesome! The kid just hasn't seen enough stupid horrible incepid crap in its life yet to know the difference between "awesome" and "scary" -- he WILL get over it.

Listen, kids NEED fear in life. We all do. Healthy doses of fear, from time to time, teach us what is actually harmless and what we really should be scared of. And that's not to say parents should purposely go scaring babies -- I'm not advocating that anyone be an asshole. There's a vast difference between letting a kid live through a situation that they found scary, that is actually harmless, and getting off on scaring children.

That's abuse. And abuse doesn't even remotely fall into this category. Breaking a kids toys to punish it because you're an asshole or beating your kid because you're a drunk fuckup isn't the same as letting a kid get over being scared of Toy Story's one scary part.

Mollifying and pascifying your children because you're overly sensitive is actually doing more harm than good. You're teaching children, at an early age, that if anything remotely troublesome happens in life, they can just whine and someone will come and fix it -- and while that's actually quite true in most corporate settings, and for women in general...

Well yeah, okay. I see your point. There's definitely a benefit to being a whiny crying sack of useless shit, because most of us will just do whatever it takes to shut you up. But still, it pisses me off.


So hey, I did some more drawerings for that dumb sale you're tired of hearing of. And I've started collecting them over here on Facebook. Yesterday, I put up a Thankskilling sketch for Jeremy and Akira "Neo Tokyo" request (based on this print) for Jonathan:



And then also, I totally am going to get a day with a Bugatti Veyron because I wrote this article. No joke -- they were so thankful that I contacted them, that they offered a Veyron for a day for a future piece. And I said yes, but right before I said yes, I soiled my pants in the front. 

I wonder if I'm going to get a day with two rapping British aunties because of this one I just filed.  I hope not.