The Biggest Bathroom Stall In The History Of Ever

Yesterday, while Christmas shopping, I had the need to relieve myself.

Now, ever since I was knocked out while using a toilet during a mad Christmas shopping rush, I've been very leery of using public toilets to do #2 (for those of you without kids, and thus, more accustomed to adult talk, that's code for "take a shit"). But when I walked into the Men's room at the Dillards at North Point Mall, I was greeted by a stall that was larger than my home office:

It was easily 8' x 8' square -- the size of a small bedroom. What I couldn't get in this AutoStitched photo was the boudoir / changing table in the back corner:

You could take a nap on that thing. Seriously. But the best feature of this condo-sized toilet stall was this:

A power outlet on the sink! In a public toilet! 

Holy crap, literally! You could shave in there! Or, more appropriate for me, I could plug in my iPhone and play Words with Friends for days, unhindered by the limitations of normal public toilets! I wanted to lease the place! 

So yeah, I took a shit in there. I had to. It was the most comfortable I've felt in a public restroom in years. 


So, some updates: I've been drawing lots and lots of sketches for folks that bought them for the stupid silly crazy Christmas sale, and it's been fun! I've enjoyed the heck out of it. Here's a fun one I posted this morning for Twitter and Facebook folks:

The buyer wanted something from Alien3. As you can see, I couldn't do it. I'll post more the next few days if you guys want to see them.

Or, if you want one, freakin' buy one you cheapskate.

Or, a book or three. Or whatever. I really want to do new exciting project things.

I've also been kicking around an idea of doing these goofy little "here's how my life is going" things at the end of silly blog post rant things. Thoughts?