What If?

Ever wonder how I come up with anything, or decide I can do things, or basically live my life? Ken Rayburn explains it quite well: I ask "What if?"

"What if?" is THE most powerful question we can ask. Period. It allows us to not only come up with new crap, but it also gives us permission to be stupid, because it's not "HEY THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE" -- it's "What if?"

Every writer, illustrator, designer, scientist, engineer, and ponderer uses "What if" in their daily life whether they realize it or not. But all of you who aspire to be such creative types but just don't know how, there's the secret. You ask "What if?" and you ask it all the time, in public.

And if anyone insults you or thinks you're stupid, you just say "I was just wondering." Or, even better, you say "What do YOU think?" Or, even better than that, you say "Fuck off, I've got work to do."

Anyway, enjoy:

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