PLEASE READ: A New Project: The Book That Never Ends?

Hi all,

So, Richard Branson launched Project on the iPad today, and I personally love it.

The world is now pondering: "Is this a fad?" I'd say that Project is the answer to this very same question, asked six months ago when Wired first published their iPad edition. I'd say that a super smart rich guy who makes his money making good decisions watched the market and determined this is the way to go.

And that's what I'm doing here, now. Except I'm not super smart or rich. I'm just a guy who writes shit. And I have this idea: What if I did a Project-type app for iPhone, Android and iPad, where I publish Mentally Incontinent and Blog style stories, every single month? Would you subscribe? I'd treat it like a Joe Peacock book that never ends. Well... as long as people are subscribing, it wouldn't anyway.

I need your feedback here. Is this a good idea? Would you subscribe?

Some answers to questions you haven't asked yet:

1) No, this wouldn't be the end of paper books. I'd still make those. In fact, I could probably make them much faster (more than one every 18 months) this way.

2) The price -- I have no idea. I'd say for a story a week or so, I'd charge 1.99 a month, or free with ads.

3) It'd be a universal iPad and iPhone app, and also on Android and probably Windows phone.

4) I already have ~100 stories ready to go for this, about 60 or so no one's ever read. They were held back for future books. This would be that future book.

I'm thinking of doing a Kickstarter fundraiser to start this. I would need roughly $5,000 or so to get the development on the app done (I will be doing some myself, but will need to hire in help). Thoughts? I'm serious, I need input here. Even if you don't think you'd subscribe, tell me why. Show me the pitfalls here.