Armchair Activists, 2010 (The Scary Kind)

Armchair activists piss me off. 

Take this fuckstick, Ricky Vee, for example:

Back in the early 2000's, I railed against the liberal left who sat in their Aeron chairs and blogged about how the government failed us and the war was unjust and Buy Nothing Day was a huge slap in the face of consumerist America and Earth Hour and whatever. I hated them. You know why? Because they were lazy inept retards who thought that opening their mouths (physically or digitally) actually did shit.

But then, they got out in 2006 and 2008 and voted and showed a little initiative. Good for them. I didn't necessarily agree with some of their decisions, but I admired the work. I too hated the way the government was run, and I got out and I voted. But I also put my money where my mouth is, donating to the NRA, ACLU, EFF and Ron Paul's election campaign in 2008 -- yes, that's right, I was once a Tea Party member, back when it meant something. 

These days, however, there's a whole new class of armchair activists -- the uneducated, fearful Right -- and they're actually causing quite a ruckus from their Lay-Z-Boys. It's not the same as the "progressives" bitching on blogs about how change is needed and the best ways to go about promoting advancement of our culture and civilization... Those things take work. These guys just sit back and scream over you and insult you and basically heap their ignorance on everyone within earshot... And THEY actually do create change. For the worse. 

Because fear is contagious. It's a virus. It destroys what it infects and uses its host to infect others. Love and patience and peace and intelligence? Those are the antibodies and vaccines against fear, but they have to be administered -- and before that, they have to be synthesized into word and action. And it takes a LOT of work from intelligent and thoughtful people, which are in shorter and shorter supply. 

Update - 10:53 AM: Victoria shared this link with me about one man's civil disobedience against backscatter scanners and groping at the airport. I saw the report Friday, but didn't think to link it - thanks Vicki!