More Scotlandish Stuff -- Oddities (with pics)

 So, the first oddity we discovered while here is that the toilets have two flushers.

I don't understand why. I've tested both, and they appear to do the exact same thing -- evacuate human waste and other material down the chute. Can anyone explain this?

We met with two amazingly wonderful friends, Heather and Fraser, in Glasgow on Saturday. While in Glasgow, we passed a clothing shop that filled every single display window with antique sewing machines:

The rest of the store was a gross disappointment. It ended up being just a European version of Urban Outfitters (which they have here as well, which is sad).

Then, we went to Kelvingrove, possibly the coolest museum I've ever seen, ever. In it, they have a gigantic taxidermied elephant:

The beautiful lady in the green sweater is not the elephant. Anyone who attempts to conflate this post into an insult against my wife and post that I called her an elephant to Facebook will meet with harsh and swift consequence, which will in fact be name-calling and some random invites to stupid game apps.

I thought that storing "Creatures of the Past" in the female commode was a bit odd as well:

I do suppose that, should a female do a number 2, there is in fact a creature from the past there, if only for a moment.

Then, our wonderful hosts took us to a pub which used to be a church:

It was the most fun I've had in a church since I used to make my own vulgar flip-books in the hymnals at youth choir. 

Their graham crackers are called "Digestives" here:

You'd think they'd be less appetizing, but nope -- still yummy grahamy goodness. With chocolate on them, no less. 

And the folks responsible for introducing us to all this oddness that Saturday, Heather and Frasier (in that order):

The next day, we crashed. But then on Monday (yesterday), I had to get a new backpack due to one of my cats deciding to use mine as a toilet the morning we were leaving. Three wash cycles and a TON of bleach didn't get the odor out, it just kinda "mellowed" for a bit. But then it came back something hardcore over the weekend, and I had to scrap the bag. So we found a huge department store what carried the bag I wanted, and it also had a toy section with a huge display of Etch-A-Sketches, upon one I did this:

I rule.