Hello From Europeland

In case you don't follow the Art of Akira stuff I do, I'm in Edinburgh, UK for the next few weeks for Scotland Loves Animation

I'm trying my best to get past the jetlag. I'm sitting in, of all places, a Starbucks on Princess Street. It's quite beautiful here. The view is far better than the one at the Starbucks I usually write from. But the chances of a car crashing through the front window of the store is much lower (at least I hope -- I'm on the 2nd floor). Here's the view: 

Although I suppose it is possible that a disaffected youth could still chuck a cinder block through the window from here. He'd have to be an Olympic shot-putter or some such.

And since it's morning (most probably) for you, here's a beautiful pic of sunrise from our plane yesterday morning:

And sunset down Princess Street last night:

Sorry for the horrendous quality. It's a stupid iPhone camera, so it's not the best. But I found it beautiful nonetheless, and had to share.

So, as I say, I'm busting through jetlag by getting up nice and early, having my morning coffee, and heading over to Filmhouse in Edinburgh to set up the Art of Akira Exhibit for Scotland Loves Animation. And on my way this morning, I was greeted with this poster on a bus stop just outside my hotel:

Because it might not be too clear, it's a poster for Scotland Loves Animation. Very exciting -- even though DragonCon was huge for Art of Akira, we didn't have busstop posters promoting the event! So this is my first national festival. It should be pretty great. I'll get plenty of neat pictures and post them to the Art of Akira Facebook page the next few days, and try not to let it all bleed over into this blog too much, as I know some of you aren't big anime nerds. 

I'll do my best to get in the way of a taxi or have a dog urinate on my leg or something equally hilarious for your enjoyment soon. For now, off to go frame a bunch of art. If you're anywhere in the UK (or Europe in general), get your butts to Edinburgh the next 2 weeks and see this thing, and I'll buy you coffee. Probably at Starbucks.