Google Maps Can Be Kinda Stupid Sometimes

One of the down sides to travel -- I never get proper workouts in. In fact, I rarely get ANY workouts in. I should have been lifting and running every day this week, and instead, I slept and ate a lot of bangers and mash. Which, as good as it is, won't help me maintain my waspy figure. 

My good friend Colin Alan Ainsworth, who lives in Scotland, told me that one of the cool things to do about town was to hike Arthur's Seat. Arthur's seat is an extinguished volcano, and you can see it from most anywhere in the city of Edinburgh. It looks like a really cool place. In fact, it looks like this:

See? Purdy. And quite a good bit of exercise -- according to the hotel folk, it's about 3k or so from my hotel. That'd be a nice 3-4 mile walk. I think it'd qualify as exercise for the day.

So, I fired up my handy dandy iPad (which, by the way, you absolutely CAN get pay-as-you-go SIM cards for while in Europe. Do not believe the morons at the phone shops, go to a Curry's and pay 10p for the SIM. You can then browse anywhere. There's plenty of WIFI here, but you have to use loyalty cards for whatever place your in (Starbucks, etc) to even get on) and looked up Arthur's Seat. 

This is where we're staying, right off Princes Street at Waterloo / Waverly Station:

And by all accounts and looking at local maps, we knew Arthur's Seat to be in this general area (the blue dot below is the laundromat I'm writing from now, about a mile from my hotel... Not the highlight of my trip so far, but hey, the whites need doing):

It's slap in the middle of that green blob up there. 

So, to get walking directions, I did the sensible thing, and looked up Arthur's Seat. That's it, just Arthur's Seat. And this is where it dumped me: 

 In fact, it's this far away:

Not exactly close. It didn't even give me options -- it just zeroed right in there and assumed I wanted to be in South Africa, for whatever damn reason. So, yeah, screw walking there. I want to be fit and in shape and whatnot, but not so much that I'll do some death march through the Medeterranian into Africa and all the way through the continent. It's not so much the distance, I just don't want to be eaten by a lion. 

So to find the proper Arthur's Seat, I had to append "Edinburgh" to the search, which plopped me here:

That's a little more like it.