Irony Defined

It figures that on the day I post a Note To Self saying "Pay Attention To The Road!" that I'd go smash right into a car while not paying attention to the road.

Now, I'm not overly artistic. I don't think there's any super secret meaning to anything I do. But sometimes, I do try to hide little messages in the things I write, or say stuff without really saying stuff in pics I take. In today's note, I was trying to say that you shouldn't focus so much on the mechanics of a thing, and instead, pay attention to the only thing that matters -- where you're going. It's a credo that I have lived my entire life by. I don't care much about the levers, wheels, dials and gauges, I just push forward until a thing is done. Besides, it was a funny thought to imagine what you guys would think about seeing a picture taken at 70+ miles an hour.

But no. I had to go slam into a Mercedes with my truck a few hours later, thus negating any artistic bullshit whatsoever and defining irony. And yes, my wife sang that stupid, stupid song at me when she found out.

The really big time mega worst part is that it really IS ironic -- I wasn't looking at the road when I hit the other car. I got distracted by an oncoming shuttle bus who sped up to keep me from changing a lane, and while flipping him off and calling his mother an unsavory term, I slammed right into the car in front of me.

And so, yeah. That happened.