DragonCon Recap (TL;DR: I Was On CNN And Met Stan Lee)

This weekend was amazing. The Art of Akira Exhibit at DragonCon was extremely well received, and I was told that my panels ("The Great Dub Debate: Which Akira Dub Was Better?", "The Art of Akira" and "The Death Of Analog Art - Is Digital Processing Killing Handmade Art?") were all entertaining and informative.

CNN came out and did a piece covering my obsession with Akira cels and the exhibit, and it was great. They even had it on the front page of CNN.com for nearly 2 days. The photo they used could probably have been a little less ridiculously dumb on my part -- I should have known better than to cheese it up for the cameras, even just having fun. But eh, I'm okay with it now. 

Then, on Saturday, I was honored to give a private look at some of my Akira cels, backgrounds and sketches to none other than Mr. Stan Lee. After his signing with Greg Simpkins, his people called me over so that he could get a look before he had to leave. We talked for quite a while about Akira, the history of the film, its impact and its legacy. I left out the parts where I told him how big a fanboy I was and cried and begged him to sign my everything I own. I figured I can do that next time.