About The New Joe P. Book -- What's Your Thoughts?

Okay, so, it's about time I finally spill the beans on this new book project.

The next book will be (of course) a collection of short stories based on my life, friends, and the crazy crap that goes on. This time, however, I'm not going to do user voting on chapters -- but  I will be asking you guys to participate, if you'd be so inclined.

I will be releasing the book on the net one chapter at a time. In fact, it'll come one page at a time. I will be producing a physical manuscript (probably typewritten), and "hiding" one page of each chapter in various locations around cities I visit. When the page is found by anyone, they will be asked to simply go to the web address for the book (which might very well be mentallyincontinent.com -- still being decided). They will simply input a serial number that will be printed on the page, and voila - that page will be "revealed" to everyone.

**Update** I plan to take photos of where I leave the pages, which will clearly show the page hidden in the location, along with enough detail to know (generally) where that place is, and post the pics, along with what city they're in.

Finders will be encouraged to post more information; where they found it, how they felt about the page, the project, etc. But they don't have to. No email address or name will be required to participate (but of course they're welcomed). All that's required is the serial code printed on the page of the manuscript.

If this sounds familiar, you probably remember my 25cameras.com project, where I sent out 25 disposable cameras around the globe and asked people to send them back, to be posted on the site and made into a book. It was a dismal failure, because there was WAY too much work involved, and way too much time between sending it all out and potentially getting stuff back.

To keep the project from going completely stale, a one week timelimit will be placed on releasing all pages from the chapter on the net. Whichever pages are not found and registered within 7 days will simply be revealed, and the next chapter will begin.

Finders of the pages will get a free copy of the book once it's out, provided they give me their email address and contact info.

When new pages are revealed, an update will fire out on twitter / facebook / email to let people know it's up, depending on what they've signed up for. To make actually reading each chapter much easier, I'll include the full text of the entire chapter in one page, so you can opt to read either page-by-page or all at once.

 It's going to be sorta wild to see if this will work, which is why I'm so into it. What are your thoughts? Are there pitfalls I'm missing? Does it sound stupid or cool? Let me know either in the comments or via email -- and if you're interested in helping hide pages of a book around your city, definitely let me know that as well. I could use the help :)