Why The Tea Party Is Full Of Shit

I promised more than a year ago to stay away from politics on this blog.

So I won't talk politics. I'll talk history, and why the modern Tea Party's willful ignorance of history makes them full of shit. But first, an admission: I was once a Tea Party member.

Not a fully-fledged card carrying (or, insane nutjob racist sign carrying) member, as they have today. But a member. Most of the Glenn Beck / Sarah Palin set want to tell you that the Tea Parties started in 2009, as a stand against government spending and taxation. This is not true.

The Tea Party Movement began On December 16, 2007, the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. Ron Paul supporters raised 6 million dollars in 24 hours in individual donations. The goal was to buy a blimp -- no shit. I donated to that campaign. You'll notice, the article I link to is pretty short. That's because back then, actual campaigns for ACTUAL liberty weren't really newsworthy.

It wasn't until 2009 when the Fox News set jumped into the mix that anyone began really paying attention. And by that point, the protests were littered with racists, morons, and people protesting tax use for public programs, while standing on tax-funded streets in front of tax-funded streetlights, while being monitored by tax-funded police, firefighters and EMS.

The post-2009 Tea Party and it's supporters have consistently bent history to meet their views. They misquote Thomas Paine in the name of stopping the rampant spread of "Socialsim" in this nation. Thomas Paine was a Socialist. And they've done it under the leadership of a man (Glenn Beck) who is using his position on Fox News to cheat people by selling them horrible returns in collector gold, a moron of a woman (Sarah Palin) who "is just like them" because she sounds retarded and her entire life is a soap opera, and fully believe that Obama's going to turn this nation into a Communist collective.

I'm not sure that the corporations who have bought and paid for every political office in the United States are going to allow that to happen. But I digress.

Ask any Tea Party protester when the movement began. I defy you to find one - JUST ONE - who can actually trace it back to 2007 - and that was less than three years ago! They can't even do a few Google searches to find out the short two and a half years of history on this movement they claim to be fully in favor of. It's pathetic. They bring up the names of Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine and Ben Franklin, not understanding that the first was a slave owner, the second was a Socialist, and the third was a Federalist and actively opposed Christianity.

The only one of those three that sounds even remotely in line with modern Tea Party members is Jefferson.

I say this in all earnestness: if you are a 2010 supporter of the Tea Party or its movement -- not an original 2007 / 2008 supporter, or a Ron Paul supporter, or a Libertarian or Conservative, but one of these fucked up ignorant yokels who actively support this latest incarnation of the Tea Party -- please, please, please go away. Don't read my stuff. Don't buy my books. Don't come to my talks. I don't want to know you. I don't want anything to do with you.

You've failed the only test I have for wanting to know you. You've willfully joined a group of people who are reactionary, ill-informed, racist (but won't admit to it - they hate the president because he's "not a citizen of this country" and "a socialist" and "a nazi" and "a Stalinist who wants to take their hard earned money" because all of those words sound way better than "a nigger"). They refuse to research their affiliations and ignorantly bend the facts to suit their needs. And they lie.

The honest supporters of the original movement, real defenders of liberty who aren't just gun-toting bible thumping race purists, constitutionalists, Christians, Muslims, vegans, carnivores, conservatives, liberals, Republicans, Democrats, or ordinary people with no political concern - stick around. I like you.

Tea Partiers? Fuck off. Go away. I'm serious. Defriend me on Facebook. Stop following me on Twitter. I want nothing to do with you. You're wearing a brand you don't understand, and while I'll tolerate and accept just about any honest political, religious or social stance, one thing I can't deal with is willful ignorance. Being stupid on purpose after being told you're wrong is something that just makes me hate you with the full force of my being.

(The same goes with extreme left-wingers, but there's not really a title that sums them up... Let's jsut say if you've ever attended a PeTA protest, thrown paint on a fur coat or a Hummer, or thrown rocks at the G20 protest, you're the same as Tea Partiers to me).

*** Update: 9:00 AM:

For those who feel I "paint with too broad a brush" becase, while you are angry and want liberty and hate Obama but YOU aren't a racist or ignorant or whatever:

You paint YOURSELF with that brush. Label yourself a member of a party who refuses to expel or disassociate from racists and gun nuts and extremists, and you're them.

There's no way to say "I'm a Nazi but I don't really agree with the whole 'kill Jews' thing, I just believe in the edicts of Social Democratism". You're a nazi, period.

Same with Tea Party affiliation. Sick of being miscast? Quit fitting the fucking role. Call yourself something else. Find a party that actually aligns with your views. Or better yet don't. Be your own person with your own identity.

But I'm not painting with too broad a brush. You're just incapable of either understanding those you've aligned yourself with or getting rid of them.