Where Video Games Are Headed (A.K.A. Exclusive Content Sucks Balls)

I am sick to death of "Exclusive content" for games.

This concept has always irked me - get a special shotgun if you preorder at Gamestop, get exclusive tracks for buying it at Target. But lately, it's gotten absurd, to the point where every single retailer has an exclusive. When I bought Transformers: War For Cybertron, I had to choose which retailer to support based on which exclusive character I wanted to get (for the record, I chose GameStop because of Shockwave).

And now, they're hobbling gameplay unless you preorder a game at a certain retailer by locking off content that's already on the disc you own, unless you put in a special code. A perfect example: Bioshock 2, which had maps and characters on the actual disc you bought the day it came out, but could only be unlocked with a stupid code. And when people introduce hacks around this shit to access the content they already possess, the publisher gets all uppity and cries.

My good friend Jeremy made this image which I feel sums up what's coming for games in the future:

For those who don't know football: there are 2 conferences, the National Conference and American Conference. Jeremy's saying that soon, you'll have to preorder the game somewhere to get access to all the teams in a conference, and others will be locked out - and you'll have to make a decision which conference you want all the teams for, by choosing a retailer.

I think he pretty much nailed it.

I can't wait until publishers quit trying to tell us what we're entertained by and start making good, fun games again. Fuck this shit.