No, Justin Bieber Getting Hit In The Head With A Water Bottle Is NOT Funny

I've been sent a particular video about thirty times in the last 24 hours.

This particular video depicts tween pop star Justin Bieber getting hit in the head with a water bottle.

Can't see the video? Click here

People think I will like this video, because I rail against hollow vapid popstar whitewash nonsense quite often. I don't. I think it's pretty pathetic that someone would hit a child in the head with a water bottle, especially when he's just trying to address a crowd he is thankful for.

His music? Shit. Utter droll cranked out by the Orlando pop music mill (and yes, I know he was a YouTube sensation early on, but his current success is the exact same manufactured nonsense as every other tween sensation).

Now, what video I do find funny and watch about once a month and crack up in hysterics because they fucking deserved it is Nickelback getting pelted with rocks at a metal festival in Portugal:

Can't see the video? Click here

Nickelback sucks cocks. They are talentless hack adults who are reaping the rewards of appealing to the lowest common denominator, and they're uabashedly proud of it. So yeah, I love seeing Chad Kroeger's head tilt back and left as a rock bounces off of it. It makes me happy.

Double standard, you say? Not even slightly. One's a kid who is enjoying the fruits of a bit of talent, entertaining other kids. The other's a waste of meat who perpetuates horrible music and ruins our culture on purpose just to make money. I wish that I could hit them AND every single one of their fans with rocks. You are all the reason we suck as a society.

And for those of you who were entertained by the Bieber Being Beaned video, ask yourself why. I think you need to know the answer to that question, and soon.