More Flavor Than WHAT, Exactly?

I was making breakfast burritos this morning when I noticed the following on the package of Mission tortillas we use:

Curious. "More Flavor"? More flavor than what? Their last iteration of tortilla? The competition? Wallpaper paste? What, exactly, are they talking about here? There's nothing comparative in this statement, simply a declaration that, when it comes to flavor, this particular brand has "More." 

Why won't they tell me who or what they're comparing this particular flavor basis against? Are these tortillas spies? What are they hiding? What is their purpose here? Did they secretly infiltrate my pantry?

Why do we even NEED more flavor? What was wrong with the amount of flavor before? I bet these tortillas can't even produce a birth certificate! These are terrirust illegal immigrant tortillas, trying to force their native ways on our meals! They're taking over this fine nation one meal at a time! They have an agenda -- they don't care how much you like the flavor, they want you to have MORE of it! They're instituting tortilla law subversively! They're going to build tortilla temples on our hallowed sites of devastation! The fix is in!



Update: This, folks, is why I don't write when I'm hungry.

Update 2: My good friend Brad Carter (he of PhoneLosers of America fame) called Mission and got to the bottom of this. Listen (mp3) and laugh!