Baiting A Scammer

So, I got hit by a scammer yesterday.

I'm sure you've all seen the infamous "Help, I'm stuck in [city] with no money!" hacked email scam. I can't believe enough people still fall for this that it's viable. But it happened to me yesterday, with a reader of mine's email and yahoo account. Below is the email I got:

Subject: Brutal Experience !!!
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2010 20:06:58 +0100
From: Sara XXXXXX

I'm writing this with tears on my eyes due to my present situation ,my
family and i came down here to London,UNITED KINGDOM for a short
vacation and we got mugged at gun point last night at the park of the
hotel where we lodged.All cash,credit cards and cell phones  were
stolen .we've been to the embassy and the Police here but they're not
helping issues at all,our flight leaves today and I'm having problems
settling the hotel bills.

The hotel manager won't let us leave until  the hotel bills is settle
(2,000Euro)now am freaked out.Please reply and let me know if can you
have the money wire to me through Western Union we promise to pay back
as soon as we get back home.


Almost as soon as I finished reading, I got this IM from her Yahoo account (which, I'm sure by now, has been cancelled and closed). 

3:10:47 PM animefan850: Hello there?
3:11:08 PM joe peacock: hey
3:11:22 PM animefan850: how are you
3:11:26 PM joe peacock: can't complain
3:11:36 PM animefan850: did you got my message?
3:11:38 PM joe peacock: I understand you're holed up in a london hotel with no money
3:11:45 PM animefan850: Yes
3:11:52 PM joe peacock: how'd that happen
3:12:10 PM animefan850: I was mugged at the back of the hotel where i lodge
3:12:13 PM joe peacock: no way!
3:12:19 PM joe peacock: where you lodge? no fucking shit
3:12:21 PM joe peacock: that's fucked up
3:12:30 PM animefan850: thank god i still have my life and Passport
3:12:40 PM joe peacock: yeah no kidding
3:12:52 PM joe peacock: although if you had to lose one or the other, i'd rather lose my life, passports are hard to get
3:12:56 PM animefan850: My flight leaves today and i am have problem to sort out the hotel bills
3:13:02 PM joe peacock: oh man
3:13:09 PM joe peacock: well, how can they hold you there? just go get on the plane
3:13:12 PM joe peacock: is there an armed guard?
3:13:30 PM joe peacock: how much do you owe? I can hook you up.
3:13:32 PM animefan850: I have been to the police they are not 100% supportive
3:13:35 PM joe peacock: i got you
3:13:50 PM animefan850: 2000US
3:13:50 PM joe peacock: okay, i can paypal you right now, i still have your account from the book purchases
3:13:53 PM joe peacock: oh wow
3:13:57 PM joe peacock: okay, i can swing that, one sec
3:14:00 PM joe peacock: brb

At this point, I sign off, then back on after a few minutes to keep him on the hook.

3:16:03 PM animefan850: Hello
3:16:30 PM animefan850: Hello
3:16:46 PM joe peacock: Okay, i sent the money - i hope you get home ok
3:16:46 PM animefan850: I can't access my paypal account right now
3:16:50 PM joe peacock: why not
3:16:53 PM joe peacock: it just took my money
3:16:59 PM animefan850: You can have the money wire to me via western union outlet 
3:16:59 PM joe peacock: i sent you enough to cover fees too
3:17:16 PM joe peacock: when's your flight, i'll pick you up from the airport
3:17:19 PM joe peacock: i'm so sorry this happened to you
3:17:24 PM animefan850: No please
3:17:35 PM animefan850: I have a limited time over here
3:17:42 PM joe peacock: well shit
3:17:51 PM joe peacock: can you refund the paypal payment? 
3:17:52 PM animefan850: You can have the money wired to my name via western union
3:18:09 PM joe peacock: nah, it'll be easier if you just have the hotel call me - i can just give them my amex
3:18:10 PM animefan850: Once i get home i will do that
3:18:25 PM animefan850: the hotel is not allow cards at the moment
3:18:29 PM joe peacock: what? 
3:18:37 PM joe peacock: how do you rack up a 2k hotel bill at a hotel that won't allow cards?
3:18:48 PM joe peacock: no way, you have to reserve the room with a card, you're just messing with me. No hotel takes cash.
3:18:56 PM joe peacock: unless you met to shack up with some dude for an hour, you scamp
3:19:03 PM animefan850: Listen to me Please
3:19:04 PM animefan850: at the moment
3:19:07 PM animefan850: they are not
3:19:10 PM joe peacock: why not.
3:19:12 PM animefan850: okay
3:19:13 PM joe peacock: what did you do
3:19:17 PM joe peacock: did you break the furniture again?
3:19:21 PM joe peacock: seriously girl, you gotta knock that off
3:19:30 PM joe peacock: okay, just refund the paypal thing, i'll pay down this hotel, you can go home
3:19:32 PM joe peacock: when's oyur flight?
3:19:47 PM joe peacock: here, call me okay? 
3:20:09 PM animefan850: In few hours
3:20:24 PM joe peacock: nah, call me now
3:20:27 PM animefan850: Please can you wire me some cash via western union
3:20:28 PM joe peacock: i need to make sure you're okay
3:20:38 PM animefan850: I was hurt on my right arm
3:20:38 PM joe peacock: i don't have a western union account
3:20:44 PM joe peacock: ... uh
3:20:48 PM animefan850: You don't need account to do that
3:20:57 PM joe peacock: really? i thought your right arm was amputated after the accident...
3:20:58 PM animefan850: all you need is my name and present location
3:21:16 PM animefan850: I'm freaked out at the moment
3:21:26 PM joe peacock: if it wasn't, you better give back that trophy for the paralympics in softball!
3:21:34 PM joe peacock: so freaked out you forgot you have no right arm?
3:21:58 PM animefan850: I was hurt serious
3:22:12 PM animefan850: even not my right arm
3:22:18 PM joe peacock: right, in your serious right arm where you seriously had gangreene from that safari, and seriously had it removed :)
3:22:22 PM joe peacock: you're just fucking with me.
3:22:28 PM joe peacock: so where were you hurt then
3:22:41 PM joe peacock: are you serious? is this for real?
3:22:46 PM animefan850: Yes
3:22:46 PM joe peacock: is this jack? this is jack isn't it
3:22:55 PM joe peacock: jack, quit fucking aroudn and put susan on
3:22:55 PM animefan850: Huh?
3:23:09 PM animefan850: this is real please bring me out of this mess
3:23:28 PM joe peacock: fine, okay, if this is really you, what was my nickname for you back in IRC?
3:24:36 PM joe peacock: where exactly are you
3:24:55 PM animefan850: at a local library
3:25:04 PM joe peacock: ...right, which one dumbass
3:25:22 PM animefan850: Huh?
3:25:30 PM animefan850: Dumbass?
3:25:35 PM joe peacock: Dumbass.
3:25:40 PM joe peacock: it's what you call someone when they're fucking stupid.
3:25:54 PM animefan850: Your Father Is Stupid
3:26:00 PM joe peacock: you're right, he is.
3:26:04 PM joe peacock: you should know, you're married to him.
3:26:10 PM animefan850: good you know it
3:26:15 PM animefan850: ahahaha
3:26:16 PM joe peacock: so where are you
3:26:19 PM animefan850: Dickhead
3:26:23 PM joe peacock: mom
3:26:24 PM joe peacock: stop it.
3:26:26 PM joe peacock: where are you
3:27:02 PM joe peacock: MOM
3:29:11 PM joe peacock: well send back the 2k, cause i need it for the medication
3:29:18 PM joe peacock: and tell jack he's a card.
3:31:59 PM joe peacock: are you going to answer?
3:32:00 PM joe peacock: you fucking cunt

Drat. I was just getting warmed up.