I Don't Even Care If My Wife Gets Mad At Me For It, I Just Had To Have Two Double-Double Burgers From In-N-Out Burger

You guys, I hiked over 30 miles the past four days.

Yesterday, we did six miles literally straight up - two mountains with carved-in steps across multiple switchbacks.

So yeah, today I said "fuck it" and I ate two Double-Double burgers from In-N-Out Burger. I held off the entire time I have been here in California, two and a half weeks, and today was that day where I said "screw restraint, I'm eatin' those Double-Double burgers." And my wife said "You should behave" and I said "No fucking way, Double-Doubles right now" and so we pulled off the interstate about thirty minutes ago and I ordered two Double-Doubles and I ate them like a motherfucker.

That is a picture of a Double Double I downloaded from the internet. It has tomatoes and onions and pickles, whereas mine only had lettuce and cheese and beefy yum.