Who Wants A Friendship Cake?

My mother used to make this cake called a Friendship Cake. A friendship cake is basically a fruitcake that ferments for 30 days. I remember being very excited when my mom announced her intentions to bake these. They were delicious - and this is from a guy who HATES fruitcake. It had this intense flavor, like a poundcake soaked in fruit. It was delicious.

There was this whole superstition that rode along with the making of this cake. Apparently you were supposed to stick the sealed jar of starter under your bed for the 30 days it took to ferment, and it would absorb your dreams. If you have bad dreams, you're supposed to throw the batch out, because it's bad ju-ju.

The way my mom made it, it made 8 small cakes. You were supposed to give 7 away to friends and eat one yourself. Something about the dreams and the good vibes and the effort meant that there was a bond and a unity and whatever. It's yet another one of those weird southern things.

So I've decided to make this stuff. I'm not putting the jar under the bed, though - the cats would likely get drunk and sleep on my face and kill me. So who would like a friendship cake? If you would, hit me up with your address and stuff. I'll toss in a copy of my latest book, and maybe something else. We'll see how creative I'm feeling.

BUT THERE'S A CATCH: You have to send me one of your favorite food stuffs (no poison, please). And if you're not a baker, I'll accept another gift - if you're an artist, send me a drawing. If you're a writer, send me a story.