Fun Facts From 8 Fantastic Years

Today marks the eighth year my wife hasn't wised up and divorced me. I consider myself the luckiest man in the world, and while I wonder daily how long my lucky streak will last, I also don't let any of the amazing moments from the past eight years pass by as whimsy.

Did you know...

- That Andrea actually proposed to me? Well, not on-bended-knee, but in a sense - she made a bet that if she ate an entire dollop of wasabi, I'd buy her an engagement ring. I never in a million years thought she could go through with it, so I agreed. She ate the whole thing - and this is a woman for whom black pepper makes her sweat. The scene is one I'm saving for the next book (HEY LOOK WHAT I DID THERE, A HINT!). But the funniest part is that I had already ordered her ring, which was to be delivered the following month.

- We are renewing our vows this year. Andrea's wedding set is specifically designed to accomodate a ring on either side of the engagement ring - one for the wedding, one for the whatever-event-would-necessitate-my-buying-another-ring. She's been haranguing me for YEARS for that other ring, and we agreed we'd do it for the 10th anniversary. So this year, I got it in my head to surprise her 2 years early with renewed vows and the other ring. Well, one night 3 weeks ago, the story of Andrea's wasabi engagement came up over drinks with friends, and long story short, the table convinced her to try the whole thing again for the 2nd ring. She did. And she was JUST as pissed when she found out I already bought that, too.

- Andrea is the reason Mentally Incontinent (and all my other writing) even exists. There was a night some years back when I felt the entire project was really a huge waste of time. She saved it from being deleted. So thank her if you like the stuff, and blame her if you don't.

- The day of our wedding was also the first day of a MASSIVE construction project to redesign I-85 heading north, which led directly to our ceremony. The entire thing was delayed two hours to allow people to show up and be a part of things. I actually arrived about ten minutes before we were supposed to get married.

- I weighed 375 lbs the day of our wedding, and for our honeymoon, we went to Yosemite. Andrea wanted, more than anything, to do a massive 13 mile day hike across all four peaks at Yosemite, which is exactly what we did. It sucked soooooo much. For her anniversary present this year, I'm taking her back and we're doing the hike with the 110-lb-lighter version of myself.

- My Groom's cake was a hockey rink with the Rangers beating the Canucks for the '94 Stanley Cup.

- Andrea's wedding present to me is a jersey signed by the entire Rangers team the night Wayne Gretzky retired (including, of course, The Great One, right in the center). It's surrounded by items from Gretzky's career, from the Indianapolis Racers through the Rangers, all autographed by Wayne. If there's ever a house fire, and I have one minute to rescue everything from the home, that's the first thing out the door. I'll go back for Andrea next. For the record, my gift to her was a charm bracelet with all the flags of every country we had visited together up to that point. She thought it was sweet, and I did too until I got mine. I realized then I'll never be able to top this woman at anything, ever.

- When we got married, the country was at war with Iraq and Afghanistan and the economy was in the toilet. Nice that those two touchstones haven't changed in 8 years, they hold such fond memories.