The New Book Project - A Decision

Okay, so the verdict is to do the project as individual "notes", reminiscent of this journal. Because of this, and the fact that I'm intending to fill a book with them, I'm going to set the page count at 240. Why 240? Because that's a fine number, 240. It's what I'd like to weigh one day (of course, they'll have to carve out a considerable mount of muscle from both my legs to accomplish this, but whatever). Plus it's an ideal book page count. That may mean 240 notes, or 200 notes allowing for a few to be 2 or 3 pages long. I dunno. I'm making this up as I go along. But let's just say that there'll be at least 240 pages worth of crap for you to read.

Now, as for how this is going to happen - that's a bit of a secret for now, but what I can tell you is that all 240 of these "notes" will be put on the web before being made into a book, just like Mentally Incontinent was. And just like MI was, there'll be a heavily-involved "social" component. I won't be so brave as to state I was the first one to do a "social book," but I was. It's a contradiction. You'll get over it. But it does occur to me that that's where I'm most comfortable; interacting with people as I create things.

Another decision I've made is to "trickle" the content, like I did with MI (but this time, without the 5 and 6 month delays between posts :) ). I will likely work on 10 pages at a time, get those posted, then do the next 10. That way, you guys have stuff to look at for a while.

What I do need, however, is help. What I have in mind may require the assistance of trusted folk across our fair nation. This will involve a little legwork - no more than a Saturday's worth - and the taking of some photos. If you're up for that, and you're trustworthy, and you like the idea of helping me out on another mad idea, email me and let me know.

So, now that the decision's been made, I guess all there is to do is launch the sucker.