Joe Being Plagiarized? How WierdNOdd!

I've really enjoyed doing my column on AOLNews. It's been fun letting loose with my silly, sometimes enraged views of current events. I've found it very rewarding to have the opportunity to blah blah blah look: Someone's been wholesale copy-pasting my shit on his own site. I'm aggravated. And as you all know, an aggravated Joe is not something anyone wants on their ass.

The offending site: WeirdNOdd.com. The asshole responsible: one Mr. Charles Young of Midland, TX.

Case in point: This article I wrote which includes a bit about a man following GPS turn-by-turn directions a little too closely was lifted wholesale and reprinted here. The only reason there's any attribution whatsoever is because AOLNews insists that the disclaimer stating that I'm a loose cannon be in every article.

He's done this with a LOT of content. Apparently this is how the internet works for Mr. Charles Young. Well, I'm going to teach him a few more lessons on how the net works. For instance, did you know I can get all of Mr. Charles Young's location and contact information through WHOIS. And you can also post that information on your blog, if you're an author who has been stolen from. And lastly, the IP lawyers employed by AOLNews and myself are both very bored and have been looking for something to do. They love when people start trying to figure out how writing on the internet works, especially dumb people who think theft is a viable business model.

I'll let you guys know what comes of this. In the meantime, if you're bored and have a throwaway Google Voice number, feel free to alleviate that boredom in any way you see fit.